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PHOTO Tips and Ideas

Portraits are the perfect way to chart your child’s growth, recognize proud achievements, celebrate each holiday, keep in touch with family and friends.



Portraits make perfect gifts for loved ones! Nothing says, “I love you” like a framed portrait. Portrait cards reach out to family and friends with a warm personal touch. Use portraits to decorate. Wall collages in a mixture of sizes, frame styles and arrangements add charm and personality to your home or office. Create Albums and Scrapbooks. Get the whole family involved and create a keepsake they will treasure. Receiving an award or trophy builds a child’s self-esteem, and a portrait records their accomplishment. Be sure to document every milestone, every birthday and every “first" with portraits.


Clothing: Patterns & Colors

Reds and bright blues photograph very well. Choose a colored outfit that will compliment your desired background. White clothes on a white background highlight the subject's face. For group portraits, we encourage the use of similar colors. Avoid choosing busy fabrics that will draw the attention away from the subject. Solid colors and small prints photograph well. Broad stripes and bold patterns draw attention away from the subject.


Clothing Style

Decide the format of the portrait when deciding on clothing choices:  Casual or Formal.

The outfit should be one that compliments the background you desire. Long sleeves make for a more flattering portrait for both male and female adult subjects. When planning an outfit, make sure you dress from head to toe so you won't limit your options. Make sure your clothing is pressed and clean. Wrinkles, rips, and stains will show and cannot be retouched. Keep jewelry simple. Large or excessive jewelry will draw attention away from the subject.



Choose shoes that coordinate with the outfit you choose. Match socks to pants, and anklets and tights to skirts or dresses.


Hair & Makeup

Simple hairstyles are best and do not draw the attention away from the subject. Keep ribbons and barrettes to a minimum in size and quantity. Have your hair cut a few days before your portrait session to give it time to grow out a little. Excessive make-up tends to be more obvious in a portrait and may draw the attention away from the subject. Men should have a fresh shave, a five o'clock shadow cannot be retouched.



Bring props that compliment the setting of the portrait. Keep props to a minimum in size and quantity, too many can detract from the portrait. A favorite blanket, book, or toy makes for a very personalized portrait.


LUSTRE is a premium finish on a heavier paper.  It offers the vibrant colors of glossy with the fingerprint-resistant finish of matte. Printed on Kodak Supra Endura paper.

GLOSSY is a shiny finish and prints appear brighter than Matte.  Printed on Kodak paper.

MATTE is a more muted finish, and prints will appear darker than Glossy or Lustre.
Printed on Kodak Edge paper.

METALLIC is a rich, distinctive metallic look with a huge WOW! factor.
Printed on Kodak Endura Professional Metallic paper.

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